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Anti-Aging and Attitude-Yours!


´╗┐Anti-Aging and Attitude-Yours!

Want to look “good for your age”? Be yourself! Then accept who and where you are in your life. The debate over whether aging is a disease or a natural process goes on. How you feel about aging does play a part in how you handle your own aging. If you see growing old as an illness, you will spend your time trying to cure it, but you will probably not have much time to enjoy living. If you look at aging as a natural part of life, you will spend your efforts taking excellent care of yourself so that you can enjoy a very vibrant, long life.
Anti-aging is not only for the rich and famous. Everyone wants to look their best, for as long as they can. This is especially true in our Western culture. Youth and looking youthful has spawned a billion dollar industry.
It is neither selfish nor vain to want to look good. We take good care of our homes, cars and other material possessions. Why shouldn’t we do the same for our bodies…our most prized possession?
However, looking good on the outside is not where anti-aging starts. How we feel and act comes from the inside. Do we love ourselves unconditionally? We love others this way! Keep some for YOURSELF. Do you take time for yourself, when you need it? Are you grateful for what you currently have, family, friends, a job, a sound mind? Know yourself, then be yourself! Aim for authenticity, not perfection. Own your emotions and take responsiblity for your actions. Learn how and when to say yes or no.
Apologise for your mistakes. Accept compliments gracefully and give some to others. Try to find something to laugh about everyday, even if it is at your own expense. Ever noticed how a smile can light up someone’s face, making them appear younger? An attitude of self-acceptance and gratitude is essential in determining whether we want to make changes in our lives or stay as we are.


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